Work From ____, 2022

Insight — Due to a lack of designated work spaces in the home, 56% of hybrid workers struggle to separate their work and leisure life. As a result, 80% of Brits believe working from home has a negative impact on their mental health.

Solution — Work From____ is a pop-up office that provides a structure for both your working day and physical office space, re-defining the blurred boundaries that currently exist when working from home. This solution offers a designated, professional environment, that improves the focus and well-being of new-age workers. With fun and functional components, such as plug socket flaps and a customisable ‘employee of the month’ frame, Work From____ is not only a serious solution but a playful and light-hearted one too.

In collaboration with Ben Hopley, Mai-li Knowles-Lee + Yasmin Henry.
︎︎︎ Creative strategy, graphic design, art direction, product design