Thrive, 2020

Insight — The year is 2049, our food system has been revolutionised. Shocked at the wastage of 6.7 million tonnes of food a year, the government have enrolled a new system of producing and eating food. The last harvest was 5 years ago, meaning that all food produced now is artificially generated in laboratories across the country.

Solution — Thrive speculates that in 2049 food will be personally tailored to genomes. Every meal will be designed and created according to DNA to prioritise health. In a digital world, a redundant Royal Mail service will carry out weekly deliveries of food. Citizens will work collaboratively with the government as a community to contribute to the ‘food’ manufacturing process. In an effort to reduce packaging, this new food source will come in reusable boxes and will be taken away and refilled for the next delivery. Thrive is healthier, cost and time efficient, more transparent and sustainable.

In collaboration with Dilly Dunford + Latifa Powell.
︎︎︎ Service design, product design, speculative design