Re-Jig, 2019

Insight — Putting on small scale events and workshops is expensive, time consuming and environmentally unsustainable.

Solution — Re-Jig consists of a modular event kit paired with a website to materialise an event. Hoping to promote inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration, Re-Jig works collaboratively with small collectives in the hope to inspire change, spark conversation and share knowledge at small events.
    The adaptable structure that Re-Jig provides can be assembled in multiple ways to accommodate your needs. It provides a template for both the visual identity and physical space of your event, giving you the freedom to curate, organise and design.

In collaboration with Ben Hopley, Diggy Harvey, Jack Niblett, Lara Luk-Fenn, Megan Ricca and Paul Petritsch.
︎︎︎ Product design, creative strategy, graphic design, art direction