Overtake Injustice, 2020

Insight — In Saudi Arabia activists peacefully protested for women’s right to drive. For this they were detained, tortured and sexually abused. Three women were unjustly imprisoned.

Solution — This campaign encourages the public to show their solidarity with Loujain, Naseema and Samar. A series of road signs lead to an installation of three parking spaces, reserved for each of the activists still detained. The spaces represent the restriction placed on them as a result of their battle for something that we all take for granted. 
    People are invited to petition for their release by plastering Amnesty bumper stickers on the road signage. Through the public’s engagement with this campaign, they are contributing to the fight for women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

In collaboration with Diggy Harvey, Izi Thexton + Yasmin Henry.
︎︎︎ Graphic design, creative strategy, film, product design

This project was in collaboration with Amnesty International. Since the project, all three women have thankfully been released from prison.