Don’t Take It Home, 2021

[Trigger warning: domestic violence]

Insight — When the England football team play, domestic violence cases increase by 26%, and when they lose, cases increase by 38%. Football’s aggressive language arguably plays a role in this.

Solution — By tapping into football’s visual and verbal language, Don’t Take It Home engages fans directly in a conversation about football-related domestic violence. Huge flags are hung outside stadiums and pubs during match time, raising awareness of the issue and directing fans to Don’t Take It Home’s website. informs, provides helpful resources and offers campaign merchandise to be purchased in support of the fight against domestic violence, with all profit going to domestic abuse charities. Click here to be taken to the site.
    The products on offer include Don’t Take It Home football scarves to be worn in support of the campaign, small flags to be hung in solidarity with domestic abuse survivors and a re-invention of football casual stickers, intended to be stuck at locations fans gather, to spread awareness of the issue and direct onlookers to Don’t Take It Home.
︎︎︎ Creative campaigning, copywriting, creative strategy, graphic design, art direction

This project was awarded Commended and Shortlisted for a Creative Conscience in 2022.

The scarf was exhibited at OOF Gallery as part of ‘THE ART OF THE FOOTBALL SCARF EXHIBITION’ from November 2022 – February 2023.

It was also featured in Kult FC’s ‘Issue 31’ newsletter and made a small feature in The Guardian.

The full project was written about in Neighboorhood Magazine’s article by Ollie Cox: ‘Don’t take It Home: How artist Alice Rea aims to tackle domestic violence during the 2022 World Cup’.

The full project was exhibited at Copeland Gallery for ‘ASSEMBLY’ in 2022.