Breaking the Bread, 2021

Insight — The design industry is made up of only 22% women, despite 7/10 people taking Art A level being female.

Solution — ‘Breaking the Bread’ acts as a tool to incite positive change.  These loaves of bread, divided into 22% and 78%, visually represent the gender imbalance in the design industry. Hand-delivered to design studios around London, the divided loaves will be shared over lunch amongst colleagues and act as a conversation starter surrounding the issue of gender in design.
    Each package contains the tools to incite an engaging dialogue on the issue: napkins printed with question prompts, the tasty loaf and a chopping board to remain in their studio as a permanent reminder of the important topic. The chopping boards have engraved on - a site to discover more about gender in design (site no longer active).
︎︎︎ Creative strategy, graphic design, service design